Providing Pediatric Hospital Dentistry in Burtonsville, MD

At First Chair Dental, our team knows that going to the dentist can be tough for many children. We offer solutions when your child requires complex care, experiences severe dental anxiety, or has special needs and can't tolerate dental work under normal conditions. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Latavias Ellington, has the experience and skill to provide convenient, effective dental care at our practice's surgical center in a hospital-caliber setting. Providing dental care under general anesthesia offers an avenue for children with diverse needs to receive the vital treatments they need.

Over the years, we've fine-tuned our offerings to deliver pediatric dental services designed to improve your child's unique oral health situation. Our team approaches everything we do with a compassionate and gentle touch. We take the time to get to know you and your child so we can truly understand their needs and struggles. Working with our team means you have a skilled specialist who will advocate for your child's well-being in every area of their dental care. Contact our practice today to discover how our Burtonsville pediatric hospital dentistry can make difficult dental appointments easier for your child!


What is Hospital Dentistry?

Hospital dentistry focuses on taking care of dental needs in a hospital or surgical center setting. Our practice provides complex care like intricate oral surgeries or other advanced procedures. These complex treatments often have to be delivered in a clinical setting where general anesthesia can be administered safely under the watchful eye of an anesthesiologist, specialized dentist, or CRNA.

Hospital dentistry also offers a unique opportunity for patients with severe dental anxiety or special requirements to undergo routine treatment. Our pediatric dentist performs numerous complex procedures each year, and we've invested in creating an excellent surgical center at our practice. Our surgical center offers the cutting-edge clinical amenities of a hospital without having to take your child to a separate location which could be intimidating.

What Is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia refers to giving your child medicine that puts their whole body to sleep. This type of sedation is considered the most advanced form of dental sedation, being stronger than nitrous oxide. Because your child will be completely asleep during their procedure, they won't remember the treatment.

Our team will monitor their vital signs throughout their procedure so you can feel confident they're in safe hands. While general anesthesia is powerful, it's a very safe dental sedation method for children when provided by our skilled surgical center staff and causes no long-term side effects.

Our Honest & Safe Hospital Dental Services

Our expert dental staff approaches your child's anesthesia needs with decades of experience and training backing up our care. We always start by considering their needs and the difficulties they experience as we create a plan for their procedure. First Chair Dental is committed to offering highly meticulous and safe general anesthesia for children and never recommend putting a child under simply because they're somewhat difficult in the chair.

One of the first steps we take before determining your child's treatment plan is having an in-depth discussion with you about their health situation and disposition. Do you require our considerate approach to examining your child's smile to identify complex needs? Does your child struggle with extreme anxiety in the time leading up to the procedure? Through this conversation and a gentle observation of their behavior and dental needs, we can determine if your child is a good candidate for treatment under general anesthesia. From there, we'll begin crafting their personalized plan and share the details with you, addressing questions and concerns along the way.

Dedicated to Your Child's Comfort

One of the concerns parents may have when it comes to administering general anesthesia to kids is the possibility of distress leading up to and during their procedure before going under. We've worked hard to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere at our practice and surgical center. Our staff handles children with diverse needs daily and is well-equipped to meet the needs of children with even the most complex requirements. From our pleasant and knowledgeable reception staff to our skilled dental professionals, we'll greet your child with the kindness and respect they deserve.

Your Hospital Pediatric Dentist in Burtonsville

Our entire team at First Chair Dental is committed to helping your child get the dental treatments they need to achieve and maintain optimal oral health into adulthood. Our friendly staff, state-of-the-art surgical center, and skilled specialists will help you rest easy knowing your child is in good hands, regardless of how complex their dental needs are.

We look forward to meeting you and getting your child the vital oral health care they need to experience a lifetime of healthy smiles. Contact our team today and schedule your appointment to learn how our Burtonsville hospital pediatric dentistry can serve your child's complex dental healthcare needs!